Friday, 30 September 2011

Something's Working!

Friday, Friday, Friday!  The best moment of the entire week is Friday right at 5pm -- the longest amount of time until Monday at 9am.  I love weekends, as we all do.  I just love being at home, seeing friends and spending quality time with my guy, even cleaning up the house, getting laundry, shopping, and cooking done.  I'm a real homebody. 

My new routine includes CrossFit on Saturday mornings, and I totally look forward to that.  I've been adopting a paleo eating style for a week or so, the diet of our paleolithic ancestors - which is protein, good fats, carbs via veggies and some fruit, and some nuts and seeds.  No grains, no dairy, no legumes.  Since starting CrossFit and eating better, I've lost weight, gained strength, and feel really terrific.  I'm glad to have sugar out of my system!

As the title of my post indicates, things have been getting better for me on the hormone front.  I have no idea what's helping the situation.  I don't know if it's the many supplements I've been taking over the past many months, such as Evening Primrose Oil, Chaste Tree, Biotone, Adrenal Assist, and others, along with homeopathic liver and hormone remedies, or the seeds/oils regime, quitting caffeine altogether (except the occasional decaf), exercising more, sleeping better (which I don't always do), fixing digestive issues by keeping dairy and gluten out of my diet, eating only organic food, or eliminating plastics, parabens and phthalates.  I've made so many changes that it's probably not going to be possible to tell what is saving me from all the misery of my PMS symptoms.  And it's probably a combination of all the above.  I've worked very hard over the past 9 months to remedy the symptoms.

Things aren't completely resolved yet, so I expect to be taking the herbal supplements for little while longer.  The breast tenderness symptom seems to be almost resolved, and the spotting symptom is getting better. 

At its worst, my PMS symptoms and period time combined was 19 days, leaving me only 9 days of "normal" time in which to actually recover from it all, before it started all over again.  19 days out of 28 days where I felt extremely uncomfortable and very inconvenienced.  I don't know if other gals out there have gone through this insane hormonal imbalance, but if they are, they're not really talking about it.  It is not supposed to be this way for me, or for anyone.  It is not normal.  A major hormonal imbalance such as the one that causes my extreme PMS symptoms, is a sign of something not being right in the body.  I know my issues were brought on by being on the pill, and contributed to by all the environmental factors I've discussed in the past.  There are other causes for other people.

I'm really relieved that there are signs I may be getting my life back.  As I said earlier, I don't know what has been helping me.  I have spent A LOT of money with naturopathic treatment to get to this place, and I would spend twice that amount if I had to.  Traditional medicine only wanted to put me on the birth control pill - that's their solution to any problem like this.  10 months ago I declared 2011 to be my year of health, balance, and happiness, and I'm finally so close!  I have made many changes in my lifestyle as a result of this journey, and those changes will stay with me forever.  As a result, my life will be healthier and hopefully longer, free of disease, and free of physical ailments.

It's too bad that I've had to suffer a lot for the past couple years.  But at least that suffering and misery brought me to this place, where I'm getting better, and I've made so many positive changes in my life.  After all, you can't have sunshine without a little rain.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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  1. *high 5* 19/28 days of oh my god why am i insane ... why is there 7 days of PMS 5days of moontime & 7days of PostMS ?? I thought i was the only one... why is women's health such an inconvenience to those in Western Med? Here, sheeesh, take this chill pill lady. I was on birth control from 16 - 26... seriously ...THAT is control... but not my body's control :( talk about a sad state. Things are so much better now but it was not an easy trek back to sanity / safety & joy... STILL i suffer some massive mood fluxuations and anger ... seriously, lets talk

  2. It is really, really sad. I just heard a story from a co-worker about her daughter who got her first period at 10 (hello, diet and hygiene products full of hormones) and bled for 3 mos, so they put her on the pill! UGH! I wish they had known better to take her to a naturopath, get her a pelvic ultrasound, etc. Treat the issue from a holistic approach instead of permanently messing up her hormones with the pill. I'm going to start studies in the fall to be a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and my area of specialty will be hormone balance at all ages.

    Get in touch with me :)